Quizzes & Automated Assessments

How do XLinSport Quizzes benefit your Players?

Each lesson within XLinSport has an associated quiz to assess the player’s understanding of what they have just learnt.

Word Matching Activities

Each lesson includes word matching activities that boost literacy skills and develop an understanding of key terms used within the game.

Instant Results and Awards

The XLinSport Quizzes are fully automated so that each player receives instant results without coach intervention. Points and badges are awarded for effort, which encourages players to practice independently.

Learn from the results

These results from the XLinSport Quizzes are instantly accessible to coaches and can be used to inform coaching sessions with their team.

Designed for Mobile and Desktop

Whether your players are taking the quiz at home or on the move – they will be able to go through each question and be given instant feedback to their answers.

Players and their parents will receive a notification both via the XLinSport Mobile App as well as an SMS and an Email to inform them of how well they performed on the quiz.

If a player has not completed the quiz, they will be automatically reminded by XLinSport a few days before it is due. This ensures that at the end of each week, the coach can review everyone’s results on the quiz.

Gain Points and Trophies

XLinSport has been designed to make the players feel rewarded for partaking in the quizzes after completing their lessons each week.

As soon as players have submitted their quiz answer, they will instantly get points towards the team leaderboard.

Once they have completed the quiz, they can earn trophies for finishing in different positions each week, including a trophy for the player who is the biggest mover on the leaderboard.