Player Uploads and Media Content

Allow your players to submit a video of them completing tasks and challenges directly within the XLinSport App.

Video uploads just got easier!

The XLinSport App allows your players to upload videos relevant to the Tasks and Challenges they have been set. These videos can be recorded and directly uploaded both via the App or through their desktop/laptop.


Coaches can directly leave feedback (from a set list) as well as issue points and trophies relevant to the Task/Challenge.


The Parent/Guardian must approve the uploaded video before it is made visible to the coach and all feedback is sent to the parent, not directly to the player. This process ensures XLinSport follows all UEFA/FIFA Safeguarding guidelines and best practises for your Club.

Example of Task/Challenges Set


The tasks and challenges within XLinSport have been designed to encourage players to practice the fundamental skills within the game. All videos have been created with the guidance of UEFA A licensed coaches to ensure all content is all relevant to the development of young players.

Click on the Video to preview one of the XLinSport Challenges available within the App

Guided Learning.

Real Feedback.

Put what your players have learnt from XLinSport into practise. Coaches can focus their efforts on giving feedback on practical drills to improve player development all year round.

  • Did You Know?

    Players who complete the Tasks and Challenges are more inclined to complete the Lessons and Quizzes on time so they can progress onto the next Challenge. This creates a healthy culture within your club of learning through practise.

  • How easy is it to upload a Video?

    Extremely easy! Simply either visit the Online App or download the XLinSport Mobile App. Find the relevant Task/Challenge and hit the Upload button. Your video will be made availalble within minutes.

    Be sure to get your Parent/Guardian to approve your Video so your Coach can approve it as soon as possible.

Interested in utilising Media Uploads within your Club. Be sure to check out of App today for this and much more!