XLinSport for Coaches

Interacting with your Players and their Parents/Guardians is simple!

The XLinSport App allows you to easily manage and monitor your players performance within XLinSport. You can check their progress through the lessons, and remind them to complete overdue Tasks and Challenges.

All communication is sent to their parents and guardians to ensure they are kept informed with how their child is progressing.

Video uploads just got easier!

The XLinSport App allows your players to upload videos relevant to the Tasks and Challenges they have been set. These videos can be recorded and directly uploaded both via the App or through their desktop/laptop.


Coaches can directly leave feedback (from a set list) as well as issue points and trophies relevant to the Task/Challenge.


The Parent/Guardian must approve the uploaded video before it is made visible to the coach and all feedback is sent to the parent, not directly to the player. This process ensures XLinSport follows all UEFA/FIFA Safeguarding guidelines and best practises for your Club.

Monitor progress

Monitor every aspect of a players development based on their scores accumulated throughout each week of learning with XLinSport. As a coach, you can check at any time how your players are doing and identify aspects of their game where they may need further support.

Challenges and Progression

XLinSport has worked with UEFA A Licensed Coaches to build up over 70+ challenges of various degrees of difficulty for your players.

Benefits of XLinSport for Coaches

XLinSport has been designed by UEFA A Licensed Coaches who know what is required on a weekly basis to manage a grassroots football club.

Increase player motivation to practice fundamental practical drills outside of club training sessions.
Save time ensuring key footballing concepts are introduced outside of club training sessions.
Increase the value of your club subscriptions to Parents.
Increase the opportunity to praise and feedback on player development.
Use competition to drive player motivation to practice and learn the fundamentals of the game.
Ensures your players maximise their opportunities to develop independently.

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