XLinSport for Parents

Building a platform that you can trust

Ensuring the safety of every player using the XLinSport App has been central to the development of the App.

Parents/Guardians MUST approve all player uploads

Before any player created content is available to their club/coach, it must be manually approved by the player’s parents/guardians.

Transparent lines of Communication

All feedback given by the coach is sent to the parent/guardian to ensure full transparency and clear lines of communication between the coach, parent, and the player.

Coaches MUST provide an up to date DBS

XLinSport will verify DBS certificates submitted to the platform before they can accept players into their club to ensure they adhere to government guidelines and guidance from governing bodies.

Education without the Hassle

UEFA A Licenced coaches and experienced teachers have developed over 50 lessons and quizzes which don’t need any involvement from coaches. These pre-planned lessons cover the fundamentals of the game and reinforces National Curriculum content covered in schools.

Video uploads just got easier!

The XLinSport App allows your players to upload videos relevant to the Tasks and Challenges they have been set. These videos can be recorded and directly uploaded both via the App or through their desktop/laptop.


Coaches can directly leave feedback (from a set list) as well as issue points and trophies relevant to the Task/Challenge.

Benefits of XLinSport for Parents

XLinSport has been designed by UEFA A Licensed Coaches who know what is required on a weekly basis to manage a grassroots football club.

Encourages your child to become more active with practical drills they can perform at home.
Empowers your child to read and learn about the fundamental concepts within football.
Provides a structured program which covers all aspects of the game.
Uses competition to drive your child’s motivation to practice and learn the fundamentals of the game.
Increases opportunities for parental involvement and support of their child’s development.
Ensures your child maximise their opportunities to develop independently.

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