No-nonsense Pricing

We at XLinSport believe learning is very important and we take it very seriously. Not only do we want to provide an amazing e-learning platform for Grassroots Football, we don’t want it to break the bank. This is why we have developed a no-nonsense approach to our pricing.

Pricing that just makes sense.

All plans include premium support. If you reach out to we can work on a custom package to suit you and your club.

Frequent Questions

What is XLinSport?

XLinSport is an educational football app that combines interactive lessons, quizzes, and player video uploads, which enables grassroots football coaches to give feedback to their players. Coaches register their team to the app, which then allows their players to access new content each week and compete against players from their grassroots team. This empowers players to improve their own development, whilst saving the coach and parents the time of planning what they should learn and develop at home.

Is there a free trial available for plans?

Yes there is a months free trial for any of the plans listed above. You will not be charged as long as you cancel before the next billing cycle.

How much does XLinSport cost?

Download XLinSport on your phone to start a free 10-week trial for your team. The cost per player each month will depend on the number of players in your team. A Silver subscription plan with 0 – 19 Users will cost £3.99 a month per player. A Gold subscription plan with 20 – 29 users will cost £3.49 a month per player. A Platinum subscription plan with 30+ Users will cost £2.99 a month per player. No extra, costs.

What topics are covered in the XLinSport Lessons?

Lessons in XLinSport cover the fundamentals for beginner players playing the game. Topics covered include: Ball Mastery, Passing and Receiving, Attacking, Defending, Movement and Awareness, Shooting and Finishing, Nutrition Physiology and Health, Rules and Laws of the Game and Informal Life Skills. Each week players complete a new lesson based on one of these topics and then complete an automated self-marking quiz to assess the learning of each player. Points and badges are awarded based on the outcomes of these quizzes and appear on the club leaderboard.

What does the Coach have to do?

All lessons and weekly challenges are pre-planned by XLinSport, so coaches only need to give feedback on player video uploads submitted by their players. Feedback can be submitted via mobile phone, computer or tablet and is sent directly to the parents of each player.

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