Features of using XLinSport

Features included across the XLinSport Plans

We have built XLinSport to help players develop their skills whilst learning at the same time. We are able to do so by providing the following features:


XLinSport has developed an online interactive course designed to motivate users to learn the theoretical side of the sport, as well as practice practical drills independently.

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Player Uplods

The XLinSport App allows your players to upload videos relevant to the Tasks and Challenges they have been set. These videos can be recorded and directly uploaded both via the App or through their desktop/laptop.

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Each lesson within XLinSport has an associated quiz to assess the player’s understanding of what they have just learnt. These results from the XLinSport Quizzes are instantly accessible to coaches and can be used to inform coaching sessions with their team.

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Leaderboard and Trophies

Monitor every aspect of a players development based on their scoring throughout their weeks of learning with XLinSport. As a coach, you can check at any time how your players are doing and whether you can help them in anyway.

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Challenges and Progression

XLinSport has worked with UEFA A Licensed Coaches to build up over 70+ challenges of various degrees of difficult for your players. All challenges require the player to upload a Video in response to the Video demonstration on the Challenge.

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Coach Interaction

The XLinSport App allows you to easily manage and monitor your players as they are performing within XlinSport. You can check their progress through the lessons, remind them of overdue Task and  Challenges.

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