About XLinSport

A Little About Us

XLinSport is the first interactive educational football app that connects grassroots football coaches with their parents and players. More than just PDFs and videos, XLinSport covers the theoretical and practical fundamentals of the game and uses automated quizzes to monitor learning. XLinSport harnesses existing team dynamics to encourage self-motivated players to practice independently and deepen their understanding of the game.

Kick-Off XL in Sport

In 2019, we brought together experienced teachers, UEFA A Licenced coaches, and talented developers to achieve an ambitious goal: revolutionise player development in grassroots sports.

Virtual Learning Environment

We have created the first virtual learning environment for grassroots clubs, which empowers coaches to support the development of their players. Players are encouraged to learn practical and theoretical elements of the game:  their understanding is assessed using automated quizzes and feedback from their coach.

Engaging Player Development

We want to make the fundamentals of player development as engaging and accessible to as many players as we can, using established relationships between the coach, the parent, and the player. This will ensure that every player, irrespective of their background has the best opportunity to excel in the sport they love.

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