Coach Interaction and Player Management

Managing your Players and thier progress couldn’t be easier with the help of XLinSport

Interacting with your Players and their Parents/Guardians is simple!

The XLinSport App allows you to easily manage and monitor your players performance within XLinSport. You can check their progress through the lessons, and remind them to complete overdue Tasks and Challenges. All communication is sent to their parents and guardians to ensure they are kept informed with how their child is progressing.

Within XLinSport Coaches can do the following:

  • Add / invite new players.
  • Go through the lessons
  • Manage player progression
  • Review tasks and challenges
  • Issue badges and trophies.
  • Send reminders to parents and guardians.

How does the XLinSport help you manage your Club?

XLinSport has been designed by UEFA A Licensed Coaches who know what is required on a weekly basis to manage a grassroots football club

Learning at their fingertips

Players can complete their Lessons, Tasks and Challenges all from the comfort of their mobile phones. No longer will you have to print out lesson plans or updates to see how your players are developing their football skills.

Instant Results and Awards

The XLinSport Quizzes are fully automated so that each player receives instant results without your intervention. Points and badges are awarded for effort, which encourages players to practice independently.

Learn from the results.

The XLinSport quizzes are instantly accessible to coaches and can be used to inform coaching sessions with their team.

Interested in managing your Players learning and development. Be sure to check out of App today for this and much more!