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Crafted by UEFA A Licensed Coaches and Experienced Teachers


Learn at your own pace

XLinSport has developed an online interactive course designed to motivate users to learn the theoretical side of the sport, as well as practice practical drills independently.


Hours of content

XLinSport has created videos with step-by-step guidance to help students who find it easier to watch the methods put into practise. All videos have been carefully crafted by UEFA-A licenced coaches and can be rewatched on mobiles, tablets and computers.


Structured Learning Style

XLinSport provides grassroots football clubs the ability to offer their players a structured way to learn the fundamentals about the sport which does not require any planning or feedback from their coach. This saves valuable time so that coaches can focus on coaching sessions and matches in the knowledge that their players are proactively learning about the sport in their own time.

Learn Anywhere


XLinSport is the first interactive educational football app that connects grassroots football coaches with their parents and players. More than just PDFs and videos, XLinSport covers the theoretical and practical fundamentals of the game using automated quizzes to monitor learning. XLinSport harnesses existing team dynamics to encourage self-motivated players to practice independently and deepen their understanding of the game.

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Here at XLinSport we believe in creating a platform that empowers coaches at grassroots clubs to support the development of their players, improve self-motivation and encourage the independent practice of the fundamental skills in the sport. Learning should be fun and take the burden off busy coaches who are often volunteering their valuable time to develop the players in their teams.
Available Lessons
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Hours of Content

Topics covered by XLinSport

  • Ball Mastery

  • Passing and Receiving

  • Attacking

  • Defending

  • Movement and Awareness

  • Shooting and Finishing

  • Nutrition, Physiology and Health

  • Rules and Laws of the Game

  • Informal Life Skills

  • Consolidation lessons