Challenges and Progression

XLinSport provides players with challenges of various degrees of difficulty based on how far they have advanced through the course.

Various levels of progression

XLinSport has worked with UEFA A Licensed Coaches to build up over 70+ challenges of various degrees of difficulty for your players.

These challenges have been devised to steadily increase player self-motivation and resilience whilst they become more accustomed to practicing on their own, away from their clubs.

The levels of challenges with XLinSport

  • Begineer
  • Amateur
  • Semi-Pro
  • Professional
  • World Class
  • Legendary

How easy is it to complete a challenge?

Players start by reading a short description and watching the Challenge demonstration video crafted by the XLinSport team in partnership with our Experienced Teachers and UEFA A Licensed Coaches.

Once the player is ready, they can record their video directly within the App and upload it to XLinSport.

Once the video has passed all the Safeguarding Routines, it will be available for the Coach to provide feedback and approve, so the Player can proceed to the next Challenge.

Summary of what’s included in the XLinSport Challenges

Available Challenges
Content Creators/Coaches
Levels of Progression