Develop a competitive environment to drive player development

XLinSport provides a gamified learning experience for players, enabling each player to compete with other subscribers at their grassroots clubs.

Monitor progress

Monitor every aspect of a players development based on their scores accumulated throughout each week of learning with XLinSport. As a coach, you can check at any time how your players are doing and identify aspects of their game where they may need further support.

Promote healthy competition

Competition within a grassroots football club can lead to a healthy relationship between players. Therefore, XLinSport has been designed to inspire players to develop their progress each week and see how their teammates are doing.

Keeping Parents/Guardians up-to-date

To ensure parents/guardians have full visibility on how their child is progressing, the system will automatically notify them via SMS, Email and Notification (from the XLinSport App).

These notifications will inform the parent/guardian of the progress their child has made after completing each Quiz, whether they have completed the Task/Challenge on time and whether anything is outstanding.